The return of NinjaMonkey!

It's back!

Oh my what's this?  NinjaMonkey is back?!

After a brief pause in service while I built an e-commerce site and switched all my hosting over to Linux, plus the general background noise which is my job basically taking over my life I have finally brought NinjaMonkey back!

Browsing around the Interwebs trying to find a suitable blog engine which would run on my new Linux servers I Googled "Blog Engine Linux" which brought me to a howto on installing good ol' on to mono!  What a good idea!

You will notice that it's a basic install right now, as installing mono on to Ubuntu, and then installing has drained the living soul from my now empty shell of a body but as soon as I revive my will to live, I shalt figure out how to get MVC running on this thing (because BlogEngine seems to be some strange hybrid mess of and mvc???) so I can access the other half of the admin site and bring back the old NinjaMonkey look and feel :)


So yes, those people who, years after it was last updated still travel here from random places all over the internet, please bear with me, I have some Linux hacking and some SQL Server to MySQL work to do :D